Monday, July 4, 2016

HITW-5.. Inevitable Return.

It's that time of year again.. 

Camping somewhere off NF-46.. So cruise 224 til it turns into NF-46 and continue.. Very much like 2 years ago. We'll have signs tacked up or a champion of a scarecrow pointing the spot out (probably 20 miles south of Ripplebrook).  Main crew cruising out from Carver Hangar Friday morning, meet by 11am, 80-90 mile ride out..  Then party & have fun in the dirt.  All I really ask is keep all modern technology tucked away, no tv's, & no fireworks.. We'll have grumpy Nick tie you to a tree & dehydrated box wine piss.

Taylor Photos ^^^

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our Sun, Thermal Motivation.

The days are getting longer & we need Shrimp Sunday money.. so in celebration we're doing a limited run of jackets and tees.  Have a good weekend!    

2 following photos by: Taylor Brubaker