Thursday, June 28, 2012

Panhandlers and Bungeez

Coffee, donuts, hot sun, gravel..  Casey rebuilt the 750 "panhandler" in one night and the next day it was time for some warm weather cruising.. Destination, a parking lot full of car folks, we all stood around in the beer cage, shoveling money into the hands of diner waitresses.  We critiqued pant rolling techniques, considered over-application of make-up, but mostly decided that cars are too big for any real consideration.  So the bikes were fired up and we left the world of pompadours and red lip stick, for a quick and dusty cruise around NE Portland.  Riding in a haze of sun and beer induced delirium, donuts for cops, speed bumps for limbless rollers, but mostly just tacos.
 They can't get enough bungees in Denver, Colorado.  When the weather is 105 who knows what you'll need to strap to the bike.
Still burns out, still wheelies, still skids..
 Bulldozer Jim cruising the sissy ape.
Random CB750 chopper at the river (see bungee buddy above)...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sparkle purple and the long drive

Only because saving money is crazy.  Had to go out on an adventure, next up... Million foot long, duplex pre-unit frame, sparkle maroon, crazy wheels, rake-job, 500 engine could be a possibility??  It's either buying junk, or making my current bikes legal...