Friday, September 14, 2012

I Spy; foul play...

Summer ending refreshments...
What do you do when one carburetor has a ruined pilot circuit hole, and the other has a slide that is so seized that you get pinned wide open forcing you to smash the damned thing with a boot??  You make an honest listing and post the shitty ones on eBay for parts, then, find an alternative..  Suckers already sold with some new Amals on the way.  Better than spending my life savings on spark plug stock number 1111...  The only thing more fun that fouling out on I-5 is having your sidestand swing down at 60...   Time for the road and Bikini Bob's Birthday Bbq Bash.

Also finished Scarecrow Jimmy's top-end last night, now onto his worn carb, beat to hell primary side and wiggle wheel..  If we stay away from Busch 18/16oz packs things may keep looking up.  Maybe you're not supposed to break a bike in during a 10 minute burnout? 

       For some it takes encouragement to kick a 441 victor..

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