Tuesday, April 9, 2013

From the land of cornfields and straight roads...

Far out in the flat-ass midwest Biker Ben found himself upon a clean late model hog, result of narrowly escaping death from a gnarly T-bone crash.  In Ohio or as others call it.. Arkihoma, you're more likely to be drinking Busch and eating Slim Jims after a day battling big trucks and snow..  A land where people drive 75mph minimum with hardened aggression.  Long story short... I've known this dude for some 12+ years and he kills it on two wheels, with more enthusiasm than a dog on speed.  He's currently stowing away some cash for a cross country trip out here to Portland, that's a damn good long-haul.  See you out here man, and maybe we'll have enough time to lay down some crazy paint!

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