Friday, May 30, 2014

A couple months in Jim's camera....

3 bikes blown apart in a dusty rectangle, motor builds while grinders plunge, it all worked out, really learned how to take it slow, too much mess, chill man, each night defined a space.  When the leather couch was breathing we realized the meaning of choppers.  So in that realization our bikes handle unlike sports.

Less words, more effort will result in better times.  If you can't keep up on it, don't talk about it. 
Thanks Jim for capturing the pieces...  Lets get campin'..  

5 buck hotrod, three on the tree, let's just forget that morning, good hanging dudes!...

 In the mechanical world when delusions become dialed the universe aligns to erase the thought.  Throw him a beer, forget it.  Dust off the bench, lower the lights and stare at the beast.

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