Saturday, July 5, 2014

Born Free 6

Well, there's always an excuse not to go or not to ride there.  Although circumstances didn't align correctly for riding south...  This year Jim made his way down as one of the many journalists, and to see what it's all about.  Basically the breakdown I got was that it's eye opening, people are building the craziest bikes, whether they're famous or not.  Also that the preconceived notions of cool guy contest, and talking shit out of insecurity, envy or lack of ambition is pointless.  We are all into this for different reasons and all take it as far as effort and funding will let us.  All in all it's great seeing time and imagination spent on personal creations.  The soul has not been sucked out.  The real world exists.  Thanks for the photo report dude!!

"Yesterday I sat on a Amtrak train next to a Hungarian man who told me his story of when he came to the US. He worked hard and sacrificed motorcycle racing just so his family could have a good life here. It made it think of how many spoiled people born are so quick to complain about living here, and it bums me out. I love this country."  -Jerome D'James Baaske

Have a great holiday weekend!

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