Tuesday, August 29, 2017

HITW-6 Gonna Get Lost Again...

Plan has changed Portway at 11.. Map is not 100% accurate 

This is it..  The one you've been waiting for!!
  ---Women, Men and those in-between welcome!  No kids or shitty dogs.
Show up with a full tank, drink a coffee or beer, eat a quick hotdog.  If your bike can't make it 200-300 miles in a weekend.. fix it up?  Also bring cash, make fill ups easy.  If you plan on driving a big ass van or a truck there is no guarantee on parking at the campsite.. Get a loaner bike?  Or bring a bunch of food, water, people, rafts, beer, wood and we'll find you a place to settle in..

 Potential 5-20 miles of dirt roads, bring a cushion, enjoy the river & scenery?  Whatever, see you there.  Crabs.

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