Monday, October 9, 2017

HITW-6 Farm Field Fry

Hot old film, sand scratches and dog hair..  

Degradation of chronological order, but fairly accurate.  Summer was winding down but the heat was not.  Taylor and Marcus were already out there the day prior, everywhere; on a DynaEnduro marathon.  No shortage of inflatable devices.   

Late to my own thing and we had nowhere to camp.  11am tequila pacing, early birds already buzzing on barstools; others out in the gravel lot leaning where the leaning was good.  No stress in the air..  A lightbulb went off in Tyler's head and within minutes secured us the heat farm.  Stragglers and refuelers rolled up, hot oil mixed with the rich scent of exhaust as bikes started.  Down Willamette, over the St. John's bridge, an oscillating pack of noise down highway 30.  Pristine curves and varied riding styles on their way to the annual campout... and so it went.

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