Thursday, November 8, 2012

Freedom and Ferry rides.

Orcas Island trip from a few years back..  
     We were at some random fancy party eating hors d'oeuvres and drinking fine wine, when all the sudden it went full underwear.  Boobs were out, beers were downed, briefs, panties, a whole mess of dancing and awesome food.  The air was hot and thick with lusting youth, wandering eyes, a hunger for some sort of de-evolution.  So having been reduced to some sort of slobbering beer thirsty vultures.. I recall...  
     ...Later that night Jim finding a zip-loc bag full of money that someone had stuffed into his leather jacket... Possibly thinking it was their own??  Never did find out..  So the next day we wake up and load up the Volvo with some bikes and camping gear using the found money for a good old spontaneous camping trip.  The Orcas Island skatepark is the best, the raccoons there are frightening, hot-toddies all day with severe head colds looming..  All in all a good time.  Nothing like some free money well spent on freedom.  

Just lofting the bmx from point a to b on a crisp Northwest morning...

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