Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trike, Triple, Studs.. Morning Rage.

"Sometimes guns can't do everything, but prayer can"...  Stupid freaks and their faith.  Anyhow, who said three-wheelers are horrible redneck machines that flip over?  Oh yeah!  Starting today those studded tires are legal on our Portland streets, good thing, since the snow just dumps.. I don't think I knew anybody in the Midwest who ever used studded winter tires.  Kids today...  Apparently shithead yuppie parents are actually freaked out by a real Halloween porch setup..  They would walk to the other side of the road.  And may I say, rightfully so.  I spent most of the day pumping tranquilizers into the candy, setting up my trap door into the child sex dungeon..  We gave candy to a bum, a fifty year old lady, two teenage girls, and one kid dressed as batman, no one else could muster the courage to visit.. Thanks world, go back home and jerk off into your iPhone, cook an organic TV dinner, and settle deep, and I mean deep into that vintage couch.  It's a scary world out there...

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